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Why Are Med School Lectures So Much Harder With ADHD?

“I sit through hour after hour of lecture, trying to focus and hang on and internalize as much as I can. But by the end, I am just absolutely frustrated and worn out. And then when it is time to actually ‘study’ later that day, I feel like I’m starting from scratch. Except it’s worse because it’s so late in the day, and I am dead exhausted.”

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What You Need to Know About ADHD in Medical School

In this new video series, STATMed founder Ryan Orwig examines life as a doctor or medical student with ADHD. He outlines how ADHD affects your ability to study, take tests effectively, and manage your time. And he shares common patterns he’s observed with ADHD-affected medical students and physicians.

In future videos, Ryan will dig into how ADHD manifests for medical students and doctors and offer strategies to overcome these challenges. Be sure to subscribe to our email list for updates!

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Frameworking, retrieval practice, and the ASA changed my life.

I was getting by in med school, but it was a lot of brute force and brutal hours. Definitely ‘study harder’ and not ‘study smarter,’ and maybe it was not sustainable. I’ll never know because I took the STATMed Class between 1st and 2nd year. My efficiency and mastery went through the roof, and I had time to have a life. Frameworking, retrieval practice, and the ASA changed my life.