5 Veterinarian Students discussing the STATMed NAVLE Boot Camp

5 students weigh in on STATMed’s NAVLE BOOT CAMP

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Hear what 5 STATMed Learning NAVLE BOOT CAMP students had to say about their experiences

The STATMed NAVLE BOOTCAMP was designed for veterinarians who have struggled to pass the NAVLE. The Bootcamp teaches the most high-yield STATMed study skills oriented towards boards re-study. This class also teaches the meticulously robust STATMed test-taking methodology from our boards workshop — all in one dynamic platform — so that our students can expect a genuinely different experience as they prepare to retake the NAVLE and expect different results. 

Here is what five veterinarians had to say about their experience in the STATMed NAVLE Boot Camp. They’ve all failed their NAVLE multiple times and completed the boot camp with six to eight weeks to implement their new methods on their upcoming exam. Now they are empowered with all-new, all-different study and test-taking tools and are ready to get the most from their prep as they take another run at their NAVLEs. 

What Our NAVLE BOOT CAMP Students Say

After struggling with the NAVLE twice, I was at a loss on how to approach it for the third time. I knew doing what I did before would not likely lead to different or better results; So a friend recommended STATMed. Taking the NAVLE Boot Camp was extremely eye-opening and helped me learn how to pivot my ways of studying away from how I was before and how to better approach test questions. Now that I’ve completed the Boot Camp, I’m more confident in the way that I manage my time and how I approach studying, and I’m also more confident that my NAVLE score will significantly improve. I’m really grateful to have had this opportunity!

Interested in learning more about test-taking, check out the STATMed Boards Test-Taking Workshop

When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I was already classified as a “gifted kid.” Growing up, I always had good grades, teachers loved me, and my classmates always came to me for help on school subjects and assignments. I was always at the top of my class during Vet School and graduated with honors. I never understood the toll that not learning HOW to study and take exams would have on me. I am now a foreign veterinary graduate still trying to figure out where I’m going to end up in life. I decided to start my accreditation and licensing process in North America about a year and a half ago. After failing the NAVLE twice, I knew that something in my preparation methods had to change (then realized essentially EVERYTHING had to change). I came upon STATMed soon after getting my NAVLE report the second time around while feeling quite discouraged and depressed, and performing a Google search on “How many people fail the NAVLE.” What I found was that, like myself, a lot of other people were also struggling, but others that did pass the NAVLE were not shy to give discouraging words about how “high” the passing rates are and that if you don’t pass it you probably don’t have the knowledge and there’s something wrong with you. To my surprise, after reviewing the yearly score reports for the NAVLE, I realized the passing scores were not extremely high, just “high enough.” And the passing scores for foreign veterinary graduates, like myself, were even lower. A blog answer from many years ago (maybe 7 or 8) was from a now Veterinarian who found STATMed during his first year of Vet School and recommended taking this course. This brought me some hope, and it was like finally being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ryan was so amazing from day one, guiding me through what was best fit for me. Then to my great surprise, there were other people in my exact same situation that led to the creation of the STATMed NAVLE BOOT CAMP. I don’t think that everyone NEEDS to take a course like I did, but I do believe ANYONE will most definitely benefit from what I learned in my STATMed course. I am confident that I now have the tools to succeed on the NAVLE and the rest of my Veterinary career.

Ryan actually cares and makes sure that each and every one of us were on the same page. Even though we had group meetings, it felt very one on one. 

I have failed the NAVLE 3 times. Every time I took the NAVLE, I tried something different to improve before taking it again. My friend told me about STATMed, and the NAVLE Bootcamp was super helpful to me. It allowed me to reformat my studying techniques, and it also helped me determine what test-taking mistakes I was making. I learned how to approach questions in a completely different way and learned a method for approaching questions to give myself a better chance of getting them right even when I wasn’t confident in the material.

The NAVLE Boot Camp is exactly what I needed to learn how to pass the NAVLE after failing multiple times. I wish I could have learned all these studying, time management, and test-taking skill early on while in my veterinarian program. But I am certainly glad to have them now. Everything Ryan taught us in the Boot Camp will help me get the most out of my re-studying, and I will know I am making progress, filling gaps in my knowledge, and earning a better score on the NAVLE because I am working HARD and SMART. I learned so much from this course and highly recommend STATMED to any medical student, veterinary student, or anyone trying to pass their medical boards or learn how to perform better in the classroom!

Interested in attending the NAVLE Boot Camp? Contact us today to learn more and apply! And check out the video where we dig into what the Boot Camp is and how it works here:

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