Struggling with the NAVLE? 

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How the STATMed Study Skills Class Helped One Vet Pass the NAVLE 

“After failing the NAVLE twice, I decided to take the STATMed Study Skills Class and figure out what I needed to do differently this next time as I studied for my boards. Before STATMed, I was using charts, highlighting, rewriting, and plowing through question banks to study unsuccessfully. The STATMed Class showed me how to organize my material, how to get the most out of every study session, and how to revisit what I already studied to really make it stick. It completely changed my studying strategy and it also taught me a more effective test-taking methodology so I could show what I know on the exam. After applying everything I had learned I managed to pass the NAVLE with flying colors. I would recommend the course to any veterinarian who is struggling with NAVLE.”

Interested in learning strategies to help you pass the NAVLE? Check out the STATMed Study Skills Class!

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