Before and after the STATMed Class, results after repeating the first year of medical school

The STATMed Class Put Me In Control When I Repeated My First Year of Medical School

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A STATMed Class Success Story

I failed my first year in my osteopathic med school program. This was a traumatic shock because I was always a highly successful person in and out of the classroom, I was never afraid to put in the work, and I was willing to suffer to be successful. But I quickly learned that med school required more than natural intellect, past success, commitment, and a willingness to work longer and harder than everyone else.

My old methods of watching and rewatching lecture and reading and rereading the lectures slide by slide, trying to burn them into memory, was not good enough in med school. The staggering amount of information made it hard to prioritize and know how to allocate my time, and this made focusing hard, which was never an issue before. And then I realized I didn’t even know the best study methods!

I found Ryan’s study and test-taking videos on YouTube, and I felt like he was reading my mind. I took the STATMed Class in the early summer, then practiced the skills using my post-STATMed Study Plan that I made in the Class to get really good with the skills I wanted to use, like Frameworking, Dynamic Reading and Marking, Timed Self-Lectures, Academic Study Agendas, using the Study Manager, and Memory Palaces. Then I was ready to go back to school at the end of summer.

Here are the results:

Graph of results before and after the STATMed Class

Ryan and I talked about how the STATMed CLASS is a great way to ensure I’m not doing the same thing and expecting different results when I returned to school to repeat my first year. And so far, after completing my first semester, that’s the case.

While the increase in grades is obviously essential, the key is that I feel healthy and in control of my academic fate, which I thought would be impossible to ever say after the end of my first semester last year. I also have enough time to exercise and feel like I have a life, which is incredible. And it’s all because I redefined how I learn, how I plan my daily study workflow, and how I manage my time using a combination of the STATMed skills that work best for me.

As the old saying goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. I think anyone who fails the first year of medical school (or anything else) should look into The STATMed Class so they can dramatically change how they study and manage their time learning when they return to medical school.

-STATMed Study Skills Class participant 

* Story consolidated and edited for clarity and anonymity

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