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Why Is Vet School So Hard… For Me?

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Avoid These 15 Common Pitfalls if You’re Struggling in Vet School

If you’ve ever wondered why vet school seems so hard for you, we examine 15 common issues vet students may encounter. But first, there’s no way to spin it: vet school is hard. You’re responsible for retaining a tremendous amount of information at a nearly impossible speed. And because no one teaches smart students how to study effectively, there’s a chance the way you’ve studied your whole life isn’t getting you as far as it used to.

That’s why we created the STATMed Study Skills Class. During this 10-day class, we help you learn study methods and time management skills so that you can handle everything vet school throws at you. 

 In the video below, we’ve highlighted 15 common pitfalls we’ve seen trip up smart vet students — from low-yield study strategies to falling into the trap of familiarity. We dig into why spending more time studying probably isn’t the answer. Check it out to understand what makes vet school and med school so hard and how we can help you continue rising to the challenge. 

 If any of this sounds familiar, we can help. Contact us to learn more! 

Interested in learning more about vet school study strategies? Explore our blog and YouTube channel for more strategies and insights.

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