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When you’re struggling in med school, it can feel impossible to take a break. There’s always something else you feel like you could or should be doing! But it’s good to step away and get refreshed. Fortunately, the STATMed Podcast can go with you in the car, on a walk, or around your house! We share strategies and insights about studying in medical school and preparing for the boards. And now, we’ve got some news…

The STATMed Podcast is now the newest in the Inside the Boards family of podcasts! 

Inside the Boards helps teach you to “think like a question writer” so you can study more efficiently, meet your target scores on exams, and ultimately be less anxious and more confident when taking the boards. For dedicated prep, Audio QBank app helps students study on the go with USMLE-style practice questions for Step 1 and Step 2. Check out Beyond the Pearls: Cases for Med School, Residency and Beyond, InsideTheBoards: Study Smarter Podcast or Step 1 Success Stories. 

If you’re a first-time listener, with the STATMed Podcast, we teach you HOW to study in med school and HOW to pass boards-style exams! Hosts Ryan Orwig and David LaSalle are learning specialists with decades of experience working with med students and physicians. From our series on Managing ADHD in Medical School to our 13 Test-Taking Mistakes Med Students and Doctors Make, you can still access all of our podcast episodes and miniseries. 

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