Doctor Study Skills Course

The STATMed Doctor Study Skills Course teaches smart physicians a better way to study or re-study for board exams. Traditional board review materials tell doctors WHAT they need to know. The STATMed Doctor Study Skills Course teaches them HOW to best learn it. The complex set of study and management skills taught in the course can be used with any traditional board review program or other board review materials.

What is Expected

The structure of The STATMed Doctor Study Skills Course is modular, flexible, and customizable to fit the busy lives of our physician clients. The course features sequential, on-demand video lecture modules and live one-on-one meetings. And we work around your schedule.

To complete the course, students will need a broadband internet connection and a reliable internet-connected device with a webcam and microphone/speakers.

Each class is comprised of:

  • 5 One-on-one Meetings (7 hours total)
  • 4 On-Demand Modules (2:20 hours total)
  • 1-on-1 with you and your STATMed Specialist

The course schedule is flexible and can be completed within a 5-day to 25-day+ span.

Infographic: Basic Structure of the STATMed Doctor Skills Course

STATMed Doctor Study Skills Course Content

The Study Skills Course Teaches Doctors To:

  • Study more actively, efficiently and effectively
  • Build a “toolkit” of specific study skills suited to the demands of boards study
  • Identify what they concretely know versus the details they do not know versus elements they are familiar with but need to know better; the study tools will help correct these knowledge issues
  • Maximize limited study time using optimal study and planning strategies
  • Strengthen focus, minimize distractions, and optimize study sessions
  • Plan, manage, and track study progress
  • Restore confidence in study abilities and control of testing outcomes

Study Skills Course Doctors Are:

  • Bright & knowledgeable but don’t know how to get the most yield when studying
  • Not sure where to begin studying on any given day
  • Doing what their peers do to prepare only to see peers pass while they fail
  • Used to spending more time than peers to get equal results; now, without extra time, need better methods
  • Not sure where the gaps in knowledge are, so cannot fix them since it is all familiar
  • Finding that old methods no longer work: watch/re-watch lectures, read/-re-read materials, write/re-write notes, do volumes of practice questions, etc.
  • Mostly practicing doctors (MDs or DOs) struggling with boards, but may also include residents, veterinarians, and select med students

Does This Sound Like You?


“My schedule’s packed and I can’t squeeze in more than an hour here and there.”

The STATMed Doctor Study Skills Course is modular, online, and one-on-one with our learning specialists. So, you don’t have to carve out time you don’t have when it’s not convenient. Instead, we work with you and schedule as you go to ensure you’re getting the most out of the course — and it’s not just another item on your to-do list. With evening and weekend availability, we work with your schedule.

Busy doctor trying to be in several places at one time

Doctor juggling books and concepts



“My field is highly specialized… but the Boards test on more general knowledge that I don’t have to use everyday.” 

We help you identify what you know, what you’re familiar (but not confident) with, and what you don’t know and equip you with the study tools to correct these knowledge issues. Through the STATMed Doctor Study Skills Course, we help you restore your confidence in your study sessions and testing outcomes. But, we know time is tight, so this course is fully on your schedule.



“I need to make the most out of my study sessions, but I can’t make what I’ve studied stick.” 

When you need to make every second of studying count, we help you maximize study time using optimal study and planning strategies. Through the STATMed Doctor Study Skills Course, you can strengthen focus, minimize distractions, and optimize your study sessions. You’ll create a “toolkit” of specific study skills suited to the demands of boards study that fits into your life.

Doctor making the most out of study session with her laptop

What Do Students Learn?

The skills the STATMed Course teaches you can be used within any medical learning context — and for the rest of your life!

     Study Methodology Tools:

  • Learning Preconceptions
  • Foundational Study Rules
  • Frameworking
  • Dynamic Reading & Marking
  • Retrieval Practice
  • Study Skill Assimilation Projects
  • Customized Study Process

     Time Management & Planning:

  • Restructured Study Guidelines
  • Study Session Efficiency
  • Time Management & Maximization Tools
  • Micromanagement Tools for Study Agendas
  • Maximize Study Breaks & Study Space
  • Planning &Tracking Study Progress with Study Manager
  • Compartmentalizing Distractions to Augment Productivity
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