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4 Podcast Episodes for Managing the Challenges of ADHD in Med School

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On The STATMed Podcast – This Miniseries Shares Methods to Navigate ADHD in Med School and Beyond

There are many pervasive assumptions that ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) looks a certain way. Or that it is something “high achieving” people don’t deal with. But the reality is: that’s just not true. Many successful medical students and doctors, veterinarians, dentists, etc., have ADHD. We know because we’ve worked with them.

An ADHD diagnosis (or, in many cases, a lack of diagnosis) doesn’t mean the end of a medical career. But it might mean that a med student may need to implement strategies to help mitigate some of the challenges of ADHD in med school. That’s where we come in.

In this podcast miniseries, STATMed founder Ryan Orwig examines life as a doctor or medical student with ADHD. He outlines how ADHD affects your ability to study, take tests effectively, and manage your time. And he shares common patterns he’s observed with ADHD-affected medical students and physicians. 

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Episode 1: What You Need to Know About ADHD in Medical School 

Why Are Med School Lectures So Much Harder with ADHD?

Episode 3: Navigating ADHD and Time Management in Med School

Episode 4: Navigating ADHD and Test-Taking as a Med School Student or Practicing Physician 

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