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How the STATMed Boards Test-Taking Workshop Helped One Vet Student Pass the NAVLE

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On a less than ideal test day, one student used skills from the Test-Taking Workshop to pass the NAVLE and continue her dream of becoming a vet

Taking the NAVLE — or any medical board exam — can be overwhelming, exhausting, and a real headache. Although, not usually quite as literally as one former STATMed student experienced on her fourth attempt at the exam. But, with the skills learned and tools acquired through the STATMed Test-Taking Workshop, she passed the NAVLE and continued her dream of becoming a vet.

“I passed my boards (NAVLE) on my fourth attempt! Thank you guys so much for this program.

I honestly can’t believe I passed because it was the worst board experience I’ve had to date. A literal marching band drumline played outside of the test-taking facility for about three hours out of the 7.5 hours I had for the exam — it sounded like Jumanji.

There is a hotel next to the testing center, and we are guessing they were practicing for a competition or something they traveled for. It was enough of a disturbance that the ICVA said if I had to retake the exam, they would waive the fee due to unfair examination conditions…but I somehow still passed! I really do think this method helped me keep my head because I just did my best to focus on the process. The drums definitely got distracting, and there were multiple periods of time when I became impulsive because I was having trouble focusing on anything but the drums. But I’d reign myself back in and just use my codes.

I’ve already recommended you guys to a ton of people who are in the shoes I was in six months ago, finding out that they didn’t pass for the first, second, or third time. The program is well worth the money because it helped me pass the exam I needed to so that I could do the career I spent eight years of my life working towards and put myself $300k in debt for.

So, thanks for helping me pass this blasted exam. Y’all are the best.” – Rachel, DVM.

Are you struggling to show what you know on test day? The STATMed Boards Test-taking Workshop is specifically designed for students or veterinarians who self-identify as “bad test-takers.”

Learn more or register for the Boards Test-taking Workshop today!

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