Female medical student with the words "Retrain the way you approach standardized questions with STATMed Learning"

Retrain The Way You Approach Standardized Questions With STATMed Learning

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How we helped one student turn their test-taking strategies around 

“[STATMed] Really helped me find out what was going wrong during test-taking and gave me tools to address these issues, ultimately leading me to be able to pass Step 1! This program doesn’t offer a bandaid solution but one that allows you to understand your mistakes and helps you re-train the way you approach standardized test questions.” — Amanda D.

Are you struggling with how you approach standardized questions in med school? The STATMed Boards Test-taking Workshop is specifically designed for students or veterinarians who self-identify as “bad test-takers.”

Learn more or register for the Boards Test-taking Workshop today!

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