Five images of med school students and doctors share reasons for bad test-taking.

Bad Test-Taking on Medical Boards Doesn’t Have to Be the End of the Road

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Former students highlight how the STATMed Boards Workshop helped them overcome bad test-taking in med school and on medical Boards

Bad test-taking can happen to bright, driven students, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of a career in medicine. Former STATMed alumni share how they overcame bad test-taking strategies to achieve their dream careers in medicine with the Boards Workshop. Through the Boards Workshop, self-identified bad test-takers learn how to read the question the right way every time. And, we help you change bad test-taking habits so that on a test or Board exam, you can show what you know. So, whether you narrow down your choices and seem to usually pick the wrong one, or miss key clues and just don’t trust yourself on exam day, we can help. 

“I wish I had found this earlier in my medical career rather than just for my internal medicine boards! The strategies they presented were so helpful and helped me to understand that I was doing my testing strategy all wrong! Anyone embarking on med school should take this training straight out the gate! I also appreciated the one-on-one aspects — the personal feedback was really helpful. 5 stars all around, and I recommend this to anyone in medicine, in general, but also especially to those struggling with test-taking.” — Ingrid Y. 

“STATMed has changed the way I take exams forever. I was able to increase my board score to over my goal. I’m pretty confident I would not have been able to do this without their method. If you’re struggling with test-taking, this program is well worth your investment.” — Phoebe D. 

“When I failed the COMLEX Level 2 twice, I was very frustrated because I felt like I knew the information and should be passing. Then I took the STATMed Boards Workshop, and my score increased 180 points just by using the techniques taught in the workshop — not more studying. That took me from the 8th percentile to the 73rd percentile. I learned in those 10 hours of the workshop what 250 hours of studying didn’t teach me: how to approach the test questions accurately.” — Chris M., DO

“I’m a physician who never failed his steps, and I come from an excellent residency program. It was shocking and frankly traumatizing to fail my emergency medicine boards twice. Working with Ryan and his STATMed Boards Workshop was great because he seemed to immediately recognize my problems and had readymade solutions. Most importantly, it was great because it worked, and I passed on the next attempt.” — Thomas M., MD

If you struggle to show what you know on test day, we can help. The STATMed Boards Workshop is specifically designed for medical students or doctors who self-identify as “bad test-takers.” 

Are you struggling with Boards exams in med school? Check out our podcast for test-taking strategies!

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