The STATMed Learning Intro Series

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Everything You Need To Know About STATMed, All In One Place

Picture: The Two STATMed Platforms, Study Skills Med School

If you are trying to figure out what STATMed Learning is and how we help med students and doctors, take about 15 minutes and check out our three-part STATMed Learning Intro Series:

Part 1: Overview of STATMed Learning – Provides a big picture framework of what we do, who we help, and how we do it:

Part 2: The STATMed Class – A deep dive into the structure, logistics, and goals of our main platform for teaching med students how to study, manage time, and take tests in med school and for boards:

Part 3: The Boards Workshop – Learn about our test-taking workshop for “bad test-takers” at the medical boards level:

Bonus: A one-page cheat sheet comparing and contrasting The STATMed Class and The STATMed Boards Workshop:

Feel free to explore the website or our YouTube page to learn more, or contact us to ask questions, share your story, find out which platform is best for you, or to sign up!