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On The STATMed Podcast: Back to Class with Dr. Culhane Part 3

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Retrieval Practice and Memory Palaces: More Takeaways from An Academic Educator’s Perspective on the STATMed Study Skills Class

Host Ryan Orwig is back with Dr. Jim Culhane, Assistant Dean for Student Academic Success Programs and Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Pharmacy. In this miniseries, Ryan and Dr. Culhane debrief from a recent STATMed Study Skills Class where Dr. Culhane participated as a student. In the final part of this series, they dig various studying techniques, from mapping and memory palaces to retrieval practice.

“I think this speaks to a number of the tools you’ve developed for time management, productivity, workflow, those three areas. I think any student you work with would agree that having a plan before you engage in any complex task is really important. I don’t think anyone would deny that, and yet many of our students just wing it on a day-to-day basis. They don’t have a plan. They don’t think strategically. They don’t take the time to do what they need to do to lay out what they need to do.” – Dr. Jim Culhane

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