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Save the Date: New STATMed Study Skills Classes Scheduled for Spring and Summer 2022

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Study Skills Class, Boards Test-Taking Workshop and Boards Study Skills Course — discover which STATMed option fits your needs

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a new STATMed Study Skills Class session to the 2022 calendar! If you’re a struggling medical student or medical professional, STATMed Learning can help. From our 10-day Study Skills Class to our Boards Test-Taking Workshop and Boards Study Skills Course, we can help you achieve your dreams of a career in medicine. 

STATMed Study Skills Class

What it is

If you’re in med school or studying for boards, we know you’re trying to process an astronomical amount of information at an unrelenting pace. Throughout the 10-day class, we’ll help you build a personalized toolkit of study skills that can help you memorize medical learning material in a way that works. We’ll also show you how to schedule your time for optimal performance.

At STATMed, one of our biggest complaints with the education system is that no one teaches smart students how to study. So, we designed our online Study Skills Class to help med students, physicians, and other medical professionals succeed in school and when taking boards exams.

We equip you with the absolute best ways to study, maximize your time, and show what you know on board-style exams, avoiding the cliches, “tips,” and generic strategies we are all tired of hearing about. We teach you how to “drink from the firehose” and become a master of your learning. 

Who it’s for

  • Medical students, primarily in the first two years of didactics 
  • It can also be used for boards study and during rotations 
  • Rising med students who are frustrated and are looking for something better 
  • Repeating med students who don’t want to go back and repeat the same mistakes 
  • Entering med students who are concerned about entering med school and want to get ahead 
  • Those with ADHD or other concerns 
  • All the above applies to those in related medical fields: Veterinarians, Pharm Ds, PAs, etc. 

What STATMed Class students say before taking the class

  • “I study all the time, but I don’t see the results.”
  • “No one ever really taught me HOW to study, and what I used to do doesn’t work anymore.” 
  • “The advice other people give me, like ‘make a schedule,’ ‘use ANKI,’ ‘pre-read,’ ‘do more practice questions,’ and ‘make and review condensed notes,’ just doesn’t work for me.”
  • “No single concept is that hard. It’s just so much, so fast, and I can’t manage it.” 
  • “I used to outwork my peers by spending more time than them, but now there’s no extra time.” 
  • “I used to be a good test-taker, but now I can’t perform on these exams.”

When the STATMed Class is offered in Spring and Summer of 2022 

  • Spring Session: March 26 – April 3, 2022
  • May Session: To Be Determined
  • June Session A: May 30 – June 9, 2022  
  • June Session B: June 4 – June 13, 2022
  • June Session C: June 18 – June 26, 2022
  • June Session D: To Be Determined 
  • July Session A: July 9-18, 2022  
  • July Session B: To Be Determined 

Class seats are limited and tend to fill up quickly.

Sample Schedules 

Interested in learning more about the STATMed Study Skills Class? Don’t miss these videos

STATMed Boards Test-Taking Workshop

What it is

The STATMed Test-Taking process is a rigid system for bad test-takers that limits the burden on working memory and addresses issues where reading and thinking intersect. We focus on a rigid step-by-step process for reading every board-style question, selecting our answer, and analyzing why we did what we did, emphasizing how we assess the feedback data to change bad behaviors to good behaviors. The Workshop is a one-on-one experience where we tear down the bad test-taker’s process and replace it with our system!

Who it’s for

Anyone who is a self-identified “bad test-taker” at the medical boards level, starting with USMLE Step 1 or COMLEX Level 1, all the way through shelf exams, further step/level exams, specialty boards (EM, IM, Peds), etc. This includes other board exams in related fields, like the NAVLE and NAPLEX.   

What Boards Test-Taking Workshop students say before:

  • “I do great clinically, but I can’t translate what I know to exams.”
  • “I always narrow down to two and pick the wrong one.”
  • “I read the explanation and realize I should have gotten half my misses right.”
  • “I miss or distort key clues, and I don’t trust myself.”
  • “I’m always rushing and making silly mistakes.”

When it’s offered

Any time, all the time, year-round. It’s one-on-one, and we space out meetings over a few weeks to tap into the power of distributed learning. The Workshop is a combination of on-demand lectures you watch on your own time, a series of strategically scheduled (and flexibly scheduled) one-on-one meetings with a STATMed specialist (either Ryan or David—STATMed is just the two of us, and we never outsource!), and your homework assignments applying the STATMed process and analysis to your OWN chosen practice questions. 

Sample Schedule


Watch these videos to learn more:

STATMed Boards Study Skills Course

What it is

This one-on-one companion to the Test-Taking Workshop teaches the core study methods and time management tools for those who want to know the absolute best way to learn every time they sit down to study. We space out the modular meetings over a few weeks using a combination of on-demand lectures, live one-on-one meetings, and homework using our carefully curated medical content to accelerate our students’ mastery of the skills being taught. Then in the last two sessions, they start applying the material to their boards-relevant material. 

Who it’s for

The Boards Study Skill Course is for anyone at a boards prep level that feels like they don’t know the best way to study to get the most bang for their buck. They are likely overly familiar with the content, but that’s just enough to frustrate at this level. These students are probably preparing for a NBME, USMLE Step, COMLEX Level, shelf exam, or specialty board or in-service exam.   

What Boards Study Skill Course students say beforehand:

  • “I don’t know what I concretely know versus what I’m familiar with verses where the holes in my knowledge are….and I don’t know how to fix them when I do find them.”
  • “I don’t know how to get the most bang for my buck when I sit down to study.”
  • “The advice my peers give me just frustrates me…I need more than tips. I need a system that will work for me.”

When it’s offered

It is mostly offered year-round since it is one-on-one. But there are times when it cannot be offered in December and in the summer because we are running STATMed Study Skills Classes. This was originally intended for busy physicians, but students can take it if the time is right!

Sample Schedule 

Keep in mind every course is flexible and modular and customized to the individual:

STRUCTURAL NOTE: We try to do sessions 1-4 within 4-12 days, then do session 5 a few weeks later, but this is extremely flexible!

Don’t see a class time that works with your schedule? Contact us for more options. 

Learn more or apply for the STATMed Study Skills Class.